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Our original Australia Guide was called "Frog and Toad", set up in 1999 and serving literally millions of visitors from all over the globe. We wanted to continue in the spirit of the great Australian "Frog and Toad" which is rhyming slang for - well - Road! Our bloggers wil be hard at work providing travel advice, tips and experiences. All in the name of enjoying life and seeing as much of this great country as possible. If you want to promote an event or destination please contact us.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Well, the old Frog and Toad website is slowly fading into internet history, and what a history it was.

Here's an excerpt from the original "About" page on the site. The figures have changed but the facts have not.

(Written in 2005)

After travelling around Australia on a motorbike, in 1999, the owners of FrogandToad realised the need for an Australian based web site for local and international tourists, holiday makers and the business community needing to travel within Australia. Initially their aim was to create a site thorough enough to meet the needs of those simply wanting to know about their travel destination, but over time, FrogandToad has developed into one of the most comprehensive Australian travel websites ever created - and it's about to get a great deal better.

Within five years, the Frogandtoad website has grown into one of the most comprehensive travel information site documents anywhere in the world today. Currently we boast over 5000 pages of information; thousands of carefully selected photographs; unique locality and regional services; a host of tourism ideas and traveller hints; discount and standby rate on-line booking pages; plus purpose designed and uniquely created advertiser pages and links.

Now if that wasn't comprehensive enough, Frogandtoad also contains a purposely created Australiana section that incorporates one of the best "Indigenous Australia" segments ever compiled. Written and compiled exclusively by Aboriginal people, this is a segment so unique, that it's constantly used by local students for school project material and by a host of other educational institutions for similar purposes throughout the globe.

In its current format, Frogandtoad has been dubbed a site without peer by many of those within similar industry groups both in Australia and internationally. Little wonder the site constantly attracts visitors from over 80 countries and generates around 2.5 MILLION HITS A MONTH.


Then again, what most people are not aware of, is that we get around the same amount of hits as do Australia's major national sites including See Australia, major national motorist sites such as the NRMA and RACV, and the major national motel sites such as Flag Choice (formerly Flag Motels) and Best Western websites. That makes our web site response amongst the TOP 10% OF WEBSITES WORLDWIDE (source =

Clearly, times have changed, and now our Frog and Toad has become Travel Around Australia. We hope you get what you need from this site and if there is something that you think we should have then please use the "Feedback" tab (on the left) and let us know.

Cheers for now,


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