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Western Australia. It's the biggest, flattest and one of most "remote" states in Australia (behind Northern Territory). An area encompassing over 2.5 million square kilometres, Western Australia pretty much covers one third of Australia's land mass. With a population of just over 2 million (just over 70% of those living in and around the state capital Perth), the state has an average just 0.8 people per square kilometre (compared to 9.8 sheep & cattle per square kilometre). Do a few hours driving between major towns and you will quickly get a good idea of the remoteness and vast distances!

However, WA has some incredibly diverse and remarkable landscapes. On the whole it is also incredibly flat, with the highest point being Mt Meharry in the Karinjini National Park (near Tom Price), standing at just 1,253 metres above sea level (mind you, Mt Kosiusco in NSW - Australia's highest - is only 2,228 metres, which probably says a lot about this ancient island continent).

Boasting some of the most stark, rugged and diverse landscapes in the country, Western Australia also has a diverse climate - from the tropical ancient wetlands, forests and rugged ranges of the Kimberley and the North, great expanses of dry desert in the the interior, to the incredible Mediterranean style climate of Perth, Fremantle and further South to the towering forests of the "Valley Of The Giants" near Albany - Western Australia has an amazing natural diversity that will just have you wanting to stay and explore just a bit more.

Western Australia offers such a variety of experiences and destinations and that it is honesty pretty difficult to actually condense it into a brief summary. Nothing about this state is brief! From the unique landscapes of the Bungle Bungles in the Kimberley (estimated at 350 million years old), to the Limestone "graveyard" of the Pinnacles Desert, the extraordinary wonders of Australia's "other" reef - at Ningaloo Reef, the amazing experience of the dolphins at Monkey Mia or whale sharks at shark bay, the uniqueness of a sunset camel ride on Broome's Cable Beach, the amazing giants of the Karri forests in the South West, the stunning beauty and variety of the state's wildflowers in season, the double jackpot of some of Australia's best wineries and surfing spots at Margaret River, or experience the harshness of life in some of WA's outback mining towns - Western Australia is as diverse as it is large.

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